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Teddy Ruxpin Picture Show

The Teddy Ruxpin Picture Show is an accessory that plugs into Teddy's output and uses a cassette played in Teddy along with round reels that you change with a lever on the projector, just like a 'View Master'. The image on the reel is then projected onto any surface you aim it at, like a normal film projector would.

The following titles were released for it:
  • A Wedding in Grundo
  • Big Little Wooly
  • Gimmick Learns a Lesson
  • Teddy and the Surf Grunges
  • Teddy's Underwater Rescue
  • The Great Grundo Groundrace
  • Tweeg's Lemonade Stand
Requires four "C" batteries for operation in addition to Teddy's six "C" batteries. Compatible only with 'Worlds of Wonder' Teddy models.

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