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Treasure Series 2

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The Missing Princess
Songs: Come Dream with Me Tonight and My Friend
The Airship lands near the Treacherous Mountains, so Teddy and his friends can make plans to rescue the Princess. After dark, they fly the Airship high about the Treacherous Mountains and land near the Hard-To-Find City. They don't realize that Tweeg and L.B. have stowed away on the Airship, so they can find the treasure. Teddy and crew sneak into the city in search of the missing princess.
Songs: Come Dream with Me Tonight and [unknown]
Fleeing from the Hard-To-Find City, Teddy recognizes a shrine from the map. Inside, he discovers the other half of his medallion. An enormous treasure materializes. But Teddy and his friends are more interested in six crystals, which describe the qualities of each of them. As they run off, Tweeg and L.B. see the treasure in the shrine. An alarm signal is heard as Gutang airplanes begin attacking the Airship.

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