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Teddy Ruxpin

Release Date: Oct. 15, 2005 / Release Price: $69.99
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Teddy Ruxpin and his friends, Grubby and Newton Gimmick, spark every child's imagination with their adventures in the far-off Land of Grundo. With MP3 technology, Teddy's mouth and eyes move in perfect sync as he tells stories, sings songs, and instills the love of reading in children.

Each Adventure and Song Package includes two wonderfully illustrated picture books, two read along storybooks and a child-friendly durable Program Cartridge that is easy to use and requires little or no adult supervision. The Program Cartridge contains the stories, music, sound effects and the customized data necessary to make Teddy "come to life."

Ages 3 and up. Requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included).

Treasure Series 1 (Included with Teddy)

The Airship - Discover a Whole New World
Songs: Come Dream with Me Tonight and My Friend
Teddy and Grubby have arrived in Grundo in search of a treasure. They are following an old map and one half of a medallion. Running from Bounders, they are rescued by Gimmick, who shows Teddy and Grubby his amazing new Airship. They join forces and take off in the Airship to find the treasure. Tweeg, who has managed to replace the real map with a phony one, is also off in search of the treasure.
Captured by Mudblups - Sometimes You Have to Change Your Plans
Songs: Come Dream with Me Tonight and The Mudblup Song
Following Tweeg's phony treasure map, Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick head the Airship in the wrong direction. Tweeg and L.B. with the real map head in the right direction. Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick are captured by the Mudblups and put into a cell, where they meet another prisoner, Prince Arin. In a daring escape from the Mudblups, they all return to the Airship. Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick decide to put their treasure seeking on hold, to help Prince Arin find his missing sister, Princess Aruzia

Wooly & The Wizard - Helping to Solve the Mystery
Songs: Come Dream with Me Tonight and The Wooly What's-It
Teddy and friends meet the Wooly What's-It. He leads them to the wizard, whose questionable magic powers provide important information. It seems that Princess Aruzia is being held by the evil Gutangs in the Hard-To-Find City. Wooly is too heavy for the Airship to lift off. So, he must stay behind as the others continue on to the Hard-To-Find City.

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