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Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday & The Day Teddy Met Grubby

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Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday
Songs: Let's Sail Away Today / It's Your Birthday
Gimmick has learned to convert the air bag into a sail, so the Airship can travel on land. To try it out, Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick travel to Mizley Meadows for a picnic. Teddy thinks that Grubby has forgotten something but Grubby says he never forgets anything. Their friends begin to show up and decide to have a Grungeball (baseball) game. After the game, there is a big surprise for Teddy.
The Day Teddy Met Grubby
Songs: I Want to Be Rich / Wishing
The greedy Tweeg is trying once again to make gold out of buttermilk. He is following a gold recipe in an old book of formulas. Tweeg depends on L.B. and the Bounders to go out and get some of the ingredients. But as usual, it's at someone else's expense.

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