Characters & Species

The Good Guys
Teddy Ruxpin Name: Teddy Ruxpin
Species: Illiop
Homeland: Rilonia
Strong point: A born leader.
Weak point: Does he even have one? :-)
Name: Grubby
Species: Octopede
Homeland: Rilonia
Strong point: He's a master chef at root stew.
Weak point: He gets scared a bit too often.
Newton Gimmick Name: Newton Gimmick
Species: Human
Homeland: Grundo
Strong point: A master inventor.
Weak point: His inventions are buggy at times...
Name: Leota
Species: Wood Sprite
Homeland: Grundo
Strong point: Kind and helpful.
Weak point: She gets an attitude if you crash land your airship into her tree.
Prince Arin & Princess Aruzia Name: Prince Arin & Princess Aruzia
Species: Illiper
Homeland: Grundo
Strong point: n/a
Weak point: n/a
Name: Wooly What's-It
Species: Unknown?
Homeland: Grundo
Strong point: A kind heart ready to help.
Weak point: He easily scares other with his appearance without meaning to.
Wooly What's-It
A purple Fob Name: n/a
Species: Fob
Homeland: Grundo
Info: These are cute little beaked creatures that live near Rainbow Falls and come in a variety of colors.

The Bad Guys
Name: Jack Tweeg
Species: ?
Homeland: Grundo
Strong point: He always tries his best to win.
Weak point: He never wins.
Jack Tweeg
L.B. Name: L.B.
Species: Bounder
Homeland: Grundo
Strong point: He is loyal to his master, Tweeg.
Weak point: He can't say "Tweeg" properly.
Name: n/a
Species: Mudblup
Homeland: Grundo
Info: These large smelly creatures live underground in the Great Desert. Any form of light will blind and scare them away.
L.B. Name: n/a
Species: Gutang
Homeland: Grundo
Info: The Gutang Gang are an army of sorts that live in the Hard to Find City and have an arsonal of small airplanes. Their weapon of choice is the spear.

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